The Text World of The Marley Show

Hmmm. I don’t update this often, do I?

Rest assured, I am writing, and making OK progress.

One thing that I recently recalled and I want to write down to have it in my memory is a detail from the Belmont Genesee Valley Production of The Marley Show. The play opened with Terry Grimes, the student who approached Dean and me about the play and the actor portraying Slim, sitting in one of two chairs onstage opposite an interviewer. The interviewer addressed the audience and said something like, “We’re here with Terry Grimes, who’s got a new show he’s putting on. Terry, what can you tell us about it?”

“Well, it’s called The Marley Show, and it’s about—well, why don’t I just show you what it’s about…?” At that point, the chairs were removed and after very little time, the curtains opened and the play started.

During this pause, I turned to Dean and whispered, “I don’t get it, is this all a flashback? Is Terry ready to go back to Titanic?”

And I really didn’t know the reason for the flashback. It never flashed back forward. Maybe Terry did this for similar school productions? I don’t know.

One thing it did was made his role as Slim more obviously a “showman”. Of course, at one point I heard from the audience, a “Well, that’s Terry….”, meaning that maybe a flashback wasn’t needed to pitch Terry as a showman to his fellow students.

It also took the characters out of context, something I wanted to do in the Piano Player version of The Marley Show. (Piano Player? It’s a long story) Part of what I wanted to do for that was to have the actors remain onstage, more or less in character, for intermission. It would really just be the characters killing time until the Piano Player returns and puts them back to work, but it’s outside the text world of The Marley Show. Terry’s interview/flashback was in a similar frame.

So what I’m trying to say is: uh, I don’t know. I guess I could ask Terry what he (or the director; Terry did not direct) was trying to do, but right now I’m letting the mystery churn in my head.

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