Game Plan

Let’s talk game plan, people:

  • The Marley Show: Third Edition is likely going on hold. I have one more idea to run past Dean, but it’s doubtful it will fire his desire. We may leave this on the shelf for now.
  • The Untitled One Act, formerly “Get Wired”, has been unplugged. I still love my concept for this one-act, and it has a really great payoff. But the play is just too relentlessly gloomy and not enjoyable to sit through overall, and it doesn’t make it worth it to wait until the ending. Maybe I’ll pick it up later, but right now, I think I’ll leave it alone.


  • The first thing I want to work on is a one-act tentatively titled “How To Be An Audience”. It will be a fun theatrical exercise that I might propose for ACT‘s Evening of Shorts. I only have notes so far, but I think it’s time to spark up the old Word file and start writing.
  • And this one-act will lead me into another play about the theatre that I am cryptically titling Only One Texas. It will be force me to switch styles, address my actors differently, and maybe even throw in some improv. I’ve got a few pages of notes, and I’m all but ready to write.

So I think I’ll work on the one-act, then the full-length. Ready, set, START WRITING!

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