The Brother Theory

I have a “brother” theory that I apply to most of the plays I see. After doing The Lion In Winter, I’ve been seeing how similar relationships are in plays where three of the characters are brothers or close friends. The oldest brother tends to be a hothead, the middle child is slightly withdrawn or devious, and the youngest brother is naive. This is a gross generalization, but look at the plays you know with three central guys. It shows a lot more than I thought it would.

So now, I’m wondering if this theory is applicable to The Marley Show. At first glance, Bill’s the hothead, Slim’s the devious one, and Moe is the one too dumb for his own good. But does that carry through the course of their relationship?

Also, would it be worth it, in our Third Edition rewrite, to emphasize their friendship more clearly? Dean explored this in his Marley television skit, and I think it kept it more grounded.

But at the same time, do we want this play grounded?

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