Get the Imagination Going

Dean was telling me a story yesterday that almost has some coherency, and I think I’ll pass it along to here.

He was talking with his father, and mentioned my play, I Am The Devil. Dr. Hurley asked what it was about, and Dean summarized it with this: “It’s about a woman who goes to a psychiatrist, because she believes she’s the Devil. And it turns out she actually is.”

Dean told me about this exchange because after he thought about it, he realized that the play had a pretty cool idea behind it. And although it isn’t an entirely accurate description of the play (I still don’t know if Alice is the Devil.), it is interesting and it does get the imagination going.

The current descriptions I have for the play are either centered around Gabe or are short taglines like “Satan In Therapy”. Maybe something closer to Dean’s description will do the play more justice.

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