Wah-wah-wah Topics

All my plays are stupid.

They deal with the same wah-wah-wah topics that all other plays deal with. You’ve got the plays about family, the church, gender clashes, religion, and a whole bunch of other stuff that’s been talked to death, but I still use it as a backdrop. Personally, I’m not too interested in Bill and Chester solving their deep-seated father-son issues, or the mythological significance of Alice Osbourne, avatar of Satan. I’m in it for the goofy gags!

That’s why when I do take a look at the issues, I grow a little frustrated that I’m not taking on anything new. I want to write something that deals with issues you never see on stage or on screen. I want to make more bad math and science jokes, even though I’m not a big math or science person. Example:

Bill Let’s think rationally!

Slim There goes our negative square roots….

It’s a dumb pun on the concept of rational numbers, but the issue there is high school Pre-Calc, and if it goes over the heads of the people who flunked, who cares? It’s not a family/religious issue, it’s something just a little bit new. I have to think of something new.

In my Untitled one-act, there is a lot of talk about computer networks, but so far only a few geeky jokes. Maybe it’s time to up the number….

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