Short Plays

On the virtues of short plays (which I’ve been working on) against the virtues of long plays (not for a while).

Was that a sentence?

Anyway, I’ve been been wondering what people think about plays of varying lengths. I think the idea behind each play dictates how long it can be. When I get the idea in my head for something like Couchophilia, I know I’m not going to be able to explore that topic in 90 minutes or so; it requires a short length of time.

Even with something like The Marley Show, which has seen different versions of different lengths, as Dean and I remove and replace the different plot threads, we come up with plays that last however long they need to.

So I think it’s unfair to say “Ten-minute plays are cheaper than full-length plays.” Or “Full-lengths are more boring then one-acts.” Every play has its own requirements, and even as they come to mind, I know what they will grow up to become.

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