Taking Pictures Tonight

So Teresa came up Wednesday to see the show and my parents came Thursday and I’m going to be taking pictures tonight, so I haven’t gotten much writing done at all. It seems, though, that business at Playscripts is picking up, based on the new playwrights info page I may or may not have told you about. Well, if I didn’t, it’s because it’s a private stats page so that Dean and I know that The Bill Show at least has a pulse.

But I think I know what I want out of this monologue, so it should be done soon, then work resumes on the Untitled One-act. Then Dean and I work on The Marley Show, and then I have another one-act idea stirring, and then I’m throwing around another full length idea, and then it might be time to revisit my Murray Rosen screenplay The Other Woman, and then….

Hmmm, then maybe I’ll have graduated. We’ll see!

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