Karina Miller

Remember, tomorrow night I’ll be at Egyptian Rat Screw, written by Summer Cabaret actor Jason Lindner, presented in New York City on 43rd Street at 7pm. And I still don’t know the address.

And in bizarre news, I recently learned that the director is Keanu Reeves’ sister. And Keanu was at opening night this Thursday. So like, I think I can connect myself to Kevin Bacon somehow; let’s try….

  1. Mike Mariano works at Summer Cabaret with Jason Lindner.
  2. Jason Lindner’s play is directed by Karina Miller.
  3. Karina Miller is sister to Keanu Reeves. (stop me if I’m going too fast)
  4. Keanu Reeves was in The Matrix with Laurence Fishburne.
  5. Laurence Fishburne was in the bike messenger thriller Quicksilver with Kevin Bacon.

So there we go; five degrees of Kevin Bacon. Not bad.

PS: Why did I bring up Kevin Bacon? Because he’s the coolest!

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