Better-Fitting Titles

Once again, if you’d like to rename one of my plays, please send me your suggestions. Below is a copy of correspondence between our publishers at concerning the title of The Bill Show:

Are you sure that you want to call this play The Bill Show? I realize that you have created a constellation of Shows based on the same universe of characters, but since The Bill Show stands equally well on its own, you might consider giving it a more play-specific title.
— 2/2/00

We know that as a title, “The Bill Show” is pretty basic. But that is pretty much what the play is all about; it’s the presentation of a night in the life of Bill Adams. Actually, we have debated the titles of both “The Marley Show” and “The Bill Show” privately, convinced that there would be better-fitting titles. But everything we could come up with was inappropriate and/or cliched. The “Show” names were the only ones that stuck. They’re minimal, but they fit the plays well. However, if you have any titles that come to mind for “The Bill Show,” we’d love to hear them.
— Dean and Mike 2/3/00

And we really would.

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