Short Black Hair

Here are some very minor changes I am considering for I Am The Devil:

  1. Changing Alice’s entrance description; omitting her Southern accent and short black hair.
  2. Spelling “Jackson Pollock” correctly.
  3. Changing Karl’s line in Act II, Scene 3 to “It’s the same thing as a recommendation.” from “It’s the same thing as a certification.”

Three little things, but they are slightly important. The most vital one, I think, is Alice’s cue line. Now we only know that she’s a woman in her 30s or 40s, and that may be all we need to know. Thanks to the Planet One reading I know she works without an accent, and I could really care less about a haircut.

But is there something else I should put in her description. An age range doesn’t make a character. Do her lines define her concretely enough? I’m going to play with this revision privately and see how I like it.

PS: This production news I have hinted at is big production news. I still want to keep you in suspense, but I can tell you: it involves Jack, Wanda, and Ben. See ya!

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