Tonight I accompanied some fellow Summer Cabaret-ers to the Dwight-Edgewood Projects’ performances this evening. The project matched local school-age children with Yale School of Drama students to create plays together. And it was pretty cool.

I noticed that a lot of these kids are into death, their mothers, anthropomorphism, and the word “prithee”. But it was especially the humorously played suicide of a newly orphaned little girl and her suitcase (formerly a crocodile) that got me. After realizing that each had nothing to live for, the girl and the suitcase jumped, “hand-in-handle”, off of Niagara Falls. As they jumped, the lights faded and Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” began to play, and the audience laughed and applauded wildly.

In a later scene, a young boy (Summer Cabaret’s own David Muse) is being taken to the beach by his parents. “You want to take me to the same place where my best friend drowned?” (or something) This got me thinking; are the parents going to drown their children, too?

And then I thought that my idea might be a funny play of its own. Two parents take their children on a car ride, and soon it becomes pretty blatant that they will kill their kids. (This may be our upoming “bash” rubbing off on me.) Add some Jack Nicholson craziness, and you’ve got a critically panned Stanley Kubrick movie. I’m sold.

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