Advisory Board

So has added a front page proclaiming the formation of an “Advisory Board”. Now serving on the board are luminaries such as Stephen Schwartz, Terrence McNally, and David Henry Hwang, along with a few other superstars of the modern American theatre.

Now if I could only figure out what an “Advisory Board” does.

Dean and I were scratching our heads over this one. Does this mean that when Neil Simon writes “The Hermaphrodite Odd Couple”, Playscripts gets to publish it? Or does it mean that Hwang gets to go through all the Playscripts submissions, adding transvestite Vietnamese to The Bill Show? Or will Harold Prince be paving the way to get “The Myths and Bricks Project” produced on Broadway? Or are they just names on a page, giving their nod to a new way of licensing dramatic work?

I’m sure the Brothers Rand will inform us authors of the purpose of the board soon, but in the meantime I’ll be certain of only one thing….

If I wake up to find Neil Simon’s “The Will Show” playing on Broadway, starring Matthew Broderick as “Will Addams” and Tony Randall as “Lester Addams”, I might have to lay the smackdown.

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