Does Passing Out Count?

The real question now for Marley 3E is whether or not to make it split-stage, simultaneous. This makes it move quicker; less time will be devoted to scene changes if it’s always Moe’s house on one side and a funeral home/bar/Del’s house on the other. On the other hand, this requires directional lighting, something that the “gymnatorium” of Callicoon, for instance, would not be able to do.

Plus, split-stage would break up the rising and falling action in these scenes, and we would have to rewrite a lot of details. It would also be more difficult to act in.

But if it came off? It would be super quick and great fun. Which makes it worth looking into.

Our old drama teacher Mr. McCabe gave us only one real specific note for The Marley Show. He said that the funeral scene should be the first scene, because then we could eliminate a scene change between the first scene and the Slim/Sarah scene, both at Moe’s house. I saw where this idea was coming from, but Dean and I could not see this play making any sense without these ten separate scenes. With a split-stage, these opportunities may be easier. Now it’s just a matter of measuring the trade-offs.

And Dean reminded me of another great Chris Laskovich quote:

Chris Does passing out count as sleep?

Dean No, I don’t think so.

Chris Damn, that means I didn’t get any last night.

Chris is cool.

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