Moe’s House on Fire

So after outlining a possible new first act for Marley 3E, I am kind of disappointed in how similar it is to the first two versions of The Marley Show. After all my talk about putting Bill and Rachel together, setting Moe’s house on fire, and turning the play into a split-screen, real-time extravaganza, what I’ve actually sketched out looks pretty much the same.

In a way, this is a good thing. Dean and I have heard more about how much people like The Marley Show more than anything else we’ve written. Somehow it touches a chord with a wider audience than The Bill Show or I Am The Devil. And I think it might be that The Marley Show has that innocent charm that I knew it had, but I thought that this 3E would take out. Well maybe the charm is too great for even a soured old author like me to destroy.

And in other news, has finally moved into the 20th Century with online credit card ordering. So I poked around the site, making phony orders (because I really need 78 copies of “Good Business Sense”) and found that online shopping is still really fun. So go order yourself a copy of The Bill Show. Now. Right now. Do it or else I’ll steal your credit card and do it for you.

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