Full-Page Synopsis

I don’t fully understand writing a full-page synopsis. I have no problem writing these short blurbs you see on this site. They are meant to say, “This play is interesting. I want to hook you to read it.” A full-page synopsis has to say the same thing, but you have to take up the whole page to do it.

And of course, filling up that page can go terribly wrong. Sure, I can start with my blurb. But then if I go into a play-by-play of the script it can get boring. If I list interpretations of what my play means it closes off the theatre’s artistic staff from reinterpreting it. If I keep using the same sensationalism I employ in my blurbs, I will be considered a huckster. And if I do a combination of these things I will fail multiple times over.

Maybe this is all retribution for saying Hector and Julius “discuss men in their underwear” when in fact, both Security Guards are fully clothed.

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