Call it Karma

So, after converting all of my scripts on this site into PDF form, I told all of my faithful site watchers to download Adobe Acrobat and bask in the goodness.

Now, I know my girlfriend, at least, does not have Acrobat, and claims not to be able to download it. “Fool!” I say to her, (Because I’m a meanie.) “Acrobat is for everyone! If your federal government uses it, so can you!” So I expect that everyone can download Acrobat.

Then tonight, I came onto this computer and tried to download a PDF file. I found that the Yale School of Drama Robertson Computer Lab has not installed Acrobat on this particular computer. (Yet it has the professional version installed on the computer right next to this one.) So I went to Adobe’s website to download the installer, but when I tried to run the installer, I found that I do not have the access privileges to run the program. So no Acrobat for me!

So now after mocking my precious girlfriend and all viewers of my site for not having Acrobat, I am stuck in the same boat. Call it karma.

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