Love Jones

So I’m still jonesing to put Rachel and Bill together in the next revision of The Marley Show. Of course, it would be hard to drag it too far, since Bill knows that Moe really loves Rachel. Still, I think there are real sparks right now between them with “You can’t always get what you want.” and “It’s just too soon.” And I want to see sparks, people!

I think the characters who will gain the most from a major revision are Rachel, Bill, Eva, and Sarah (maybe). Poor Katherine will probably be cut if Mel can stand on his own, but the character I’m really worried about is Moe Marley. Slim’s got his own romantic subplot, and Bill might get his own romantic subplot—heck, even Del sorta has his own romantic subplot—so who’s going to care about Moe’s romantic main plot? I think that whatever we boil this play down to, we still have to root for Moe. Moe and Rachel may be unbearable onstage together, and Slim/Sarah may be more meaty than Moe/Rachel, but we should still like Moe enough to want his happy ending.

And did I really make that comment about James Sykes’ bare chest? Um, I meant that in a purely asthetic way.

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