Revamped and in Color

Welcome to my writing anthology, now revamped and in color! Now instead of the bland, desaturated pages, you can view a wonderful site of puke green and small text! Enjoy!

While the change to the site has been mostly cosmetic, there are a few biggies. First of all, now all the plays on the site appear in a mouthwatering PDF format, which means that you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read them. While this may mean a download for some of you out there, it’s worth it. It means you’ll see the plays as they are supposed to look, and it isn’t a abso-friggin huge download like the Word-created HTML versions of the plays were. However, good old fashioned Microsoft Word copies are also on the site, and many people can open those. Hope you like ’em!

Because I am a control freak, I have added Production Notes for each of the plays. Granted, you don’t need these notes to understand the plays, but there are certain ways that I would do things; I’m just letting you know. You’ll find the notes on each work’s main page, and besides being helpful, they should make good reading material. Let me know what you think!

And in writing news, while most of my time is spent with the Summer Cabaret, I am working on that Untitled one-act right now, and progress is, er, progressing. Look for it soon!

PS: Here’s something SOOPER SECRET! The version of Over The Fence now on the site is a very slightly updated version. I matched the play’s formatting with Two Men and I Am The Devil, and changed some of Warren’s lines, because in retrospect I felt the stuttered dialogue was too much. So it’s not a full blown revision, but it’s worth mentioning.

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