The Name Game

There is much to be said for the significance of the names of characters in my work. For instance, Gabe Larson’s first name presumably comes from the biblical archangel Gabriel, one of the only figures appearing in both the Old Testament and the New. (Well actually, I picked all the names of my characters for I Am The Devil off of my desk. Two people named Gabe and Kim worked in the Modern Language Lab with me, and “Larson” came from a Gary Larson Far Side desk calendar.)

Um, I think I like the biblical explanation better.

And even in Two Men About to be Killed by a Comic Book Supervillain we see a subtle motif in the classical names of Hector and Julius. The Trojan Prince Hector was treacherously killed in single man combat when his opponent Achilles bended the rules and solicited the help of the Gods to win. And Julius Caesar, of course, faced treachery of his own as he was murdered on the steps of the Roman Senate by some of his closest friends. Even without the ten-minute play’s title, the names Hector and Julius suggests a destiny of unjust murder.

Actually, though, Hector is named after a crazy bus driver, and Julius comes from Orange Julius. So you can throw your fancy literary theories out the window, buster!

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