How come nobody visits Many people who find my site and my work tell me they find it on the Dramatic Exchange, a very good site, but one that hasn’t been updated in about a year. (One of the last changes to the site is the removal of The Bill Show when it got published in March 2000.) Now Chris Taggart has a site with a similar aim as Dramex, but with much less traffic. No one uses the site’s bulletin boards, and no one leaves user feedback or rates the scripts.

Maybe it’s a matter of scope. Dramex only houses the scripts of mostly unpublished authors, while Script-Source has a ton of options, plus links to published scripts and other dramatic-related publications. Maybe it should cut back.

But whatever the case, I think people should visit the site, because it’s well-maintained and it provides a valuable service to both authors and production groups, but I don’t think enough people see it.

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