The Title Says It All

Added to the site is my new ten-minute play, Two Men About to be Killed by a Comic Book Supervillain. The title says it all. Originally I thought this could turn into a really cheap play, (“All I have to do is make ’em talk for ten minutes about anything, then I bump ’em off! It’s so EASY!”), but it isn’t cheap at all. I am very happy with the results.

Sometime this fall, get ready to see Jack, Wanda, and Ben at Westminster Choir College as part of the Westminster Players’ Night of One-Acts. It will be directed by my girlfriend, Teresa Hui. Cool stuff!

If you’ve seen the main page, you know I have a mystery play on the horizon. The notes are all set for it, so writing has begun. Also on the agenda this summer is possibly another Marley revision.

Oh, and you may have heard it on the weblog that I was thinking of revising this site. The black and white look just isn’t as clean and as simple as I wanted this site to be, so maybe ch-ch-ch-changes are in order. We’ll see…

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