Here We Go Again

I was reading through a script I helped create in Improv class back in high school. Called “Four Husbands”, it was basically a one-joke skit where the wife (Kristin Bohr) tries to hide her polygamy from each of her four husbands, (Dean Hurley, Chris Laskovich, Toni Bessman, and me.) and, um wackiness ensues. But what really got me was the way we ended it, with Kristin leaving, and all four husbands left scratching their heads. My final line was the ad-libbed, “What are we going to tell [husbands] Five and Six?” Oh, so the line of husbands just keeps going…!

And I’ve noticed that most of my plays end either in this “here we go again” ending (See The Marley Show, The Bill Show, Jack, Wanda, and Ben.) or in a “back at the beginning” ending, (I Am The Devil, something I wrote for class…) Both of these techniques are kinda cheesey, fake sitcom endings. Which is strange, because the play I”ve recently completed has its ending announced in its title, and it is definitive, and a clear, “uncheap” ending. Maybe my work is getting more mature. Or maybe I’m just overanalyzing things. What’s in an ending, anyway?

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