Devil Reading

A few notes: I will be in New York City this Thursday night at the Planet One Cafe attending a further reading of I Am The Devil. On the agenda are the last two scenes of the first act. Hopefully some of the same people will show up, so the story won’t be completely foreign to the people there.

Also, Teresa has bugged her acting troupe at Westminster Choir College to take a look at some of my one-act plays. I don’t know any of the details, but she’s thinks I should submit something. So we’ll see what happens.

And does anyone know any places I can upload an 8 meg file onto the internet, just to transfer it from one computer to another? I have quite uncomfortably squeezed “Never Trust a Crying Dame” from a 20 minute WAV to a teeny mp3, but I need to get it to my computer to zip it up for my website. My e-mail doesn’t allow any files over 5 megabytes. And I don’t have a ZIP drive on my computer, which is the only portable medium in our radio lab. What can I do? Please tech wizards, e-mail me!

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