I talked about Marley Show things with Dean yesterday. Dean wisely doesn’t want to jump in and change the script willy-nilly (especially if it involves using the word “willy-nilly”), but he thinks it might be cool to take another look at our script this summer. Two more Marley Notes, before I forget. Eva should come in before the Rachel Slim scene, so the capper to Rachel’s exit would be a compromising situation with Moe, rather than it being all Slim. Also, Eva’s fussball ring could be expanded to make for a better ending than Bill’s awkward ring grabs.

And could we do the play as a three-way, split-stage, real-time extravaganza? Maybe that’s pushing a little too far. But still, it’s important that Dean and I question EVERYTHING.

I saw the student video showcase of my fellow Comm majors tonight. I liked it, though there were no knockout, absolutely flawless pieces. There are many interesting ideas and lots of effort behind each piece, though, and I think that one of the reasons I don’t live up to the TV part of my “TV/Radio” track is because I don’t want to put in a more-than-professional effort in filming and editing and come out with a less-than-professional output. On stage or in radio, we sound “real” enough, but blinding lights, arcane makeup, and flawless sound must be fed to the television gods to come close to resembling a network. Of course, maybe I’m wrong; I haven’t taken a good look at network TV in almost two years; maybe the slick glitz I remember was there to hide the emptiness, and the roughness I perceive in my peers’ films is really just the ideas and expressions shining through.

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