A Daily Weblog

In an effort to get me writing something again, I have started a daily weblog. Unlike this news section, which only gets updated when I have something important to say, the weblog will have any random playwriting tangents in my head at the time; anything to keep those creative juices flowing. The weblog can be found on the main page and right here.

The topic of the moment is whether or not Dean and I should work on a third edition of The Marley Show. After seeing it on its feet twice, some minor (or major) changes came to mind that could really make this a more mature work. We are tossing around ideas right now, and may make revisions over the summer.

At the same time, I feel bad about neglecting my screenplay-forever-in-progress, The Other Woman. It needs more major revisions than The Marley Show, but I just don’t have the inclination to do anything, even though I have notes and ideas in mind. Should I dote on my first child and ignore the baby? Decisions, decisions…

Oh, before I forget, we mentioned that we did a cold reading to go from first draft to first edition of The Marley Show, and that we recorded it. Well, through the magic of MP3, we have a sample from that reading on the site. Hear how our “70s Flashback” originally went. The voices you are hearing are Luke Diliberto as Bill, Mark Fisher as Slim, Nick Foster as Moe, and me reading the stage directions. Enjoy!

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