The Touch

OK. I still haven’t written anything.

But there is still the matter of my Marley “To Do” List. I really should consult Dean soon, but I also want to nail down exactly what I want to do to the funeral scenes. Any changes there will likely have the biggest impact on the show.

Also, in a way, Dean and I have already written a “Bill/Rachel” relationship. In The Bill Show, we have the “forbidden love” between Bill and the Mystery Woman. It’s the same situation, though Bill/Rachel has more ramifications. Still, is this a case of “been-there-done-that”?

And on another note, one of the only criticisms I received about I Am The Devil was its title. It had no payoff to the Planet One Café crowd. Dean and I have also debated about the horribly generic titles of The Marley Show and The Bill Show. However, we can’t think of better alternatives! If there is anyone out there who can think of a better title, please e-mail me and set me straight. Titling is a touchy science, and I just don’t have “the touch”.

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