Marley List

Here’s that Marley List:

The Marley Show “To Do” List:
– Rework tie bit.
– Rework Rachel/Slim bit.
– Change Eva’s lettering? Omit last name?
– Rework I2 and I5 entirely. Cut Katherine? Greatly alter Mel? Have Rachel and Bill fall in love?
– Rework Slim/Sarah opening. Drop Chinese bit and Sarah name game.
– Change Eva and wine?
– Fiddle with “And I still hate you.” Play it up!
– Moe’s stories suck.

– Farmer in the Dell: Not funny.
– Green Acres/Laverne and Shirley: Not funny.
– Make Sarah’s intro to Bill and Rachel more natural.
– “Stupid” scene is stupid.
– Mel’s beer thing is too unprecedented.
– And Moe’s stories still suck.
– “Treat thy body” bombs.
– I’m surprised how well our awful “My car is totalled” transistions worked. But still change them.

I do have to mention that I’m torn about changing The Marley Show at all. Dean and I have already seen it performed twice, and some of these uneasy and not-quite-stageworthy bits do have their charm, and don’t take away from the show as a whole. If we smooth it out and streamline it, The Marley Show won’t be as playfully innocent. At the same time, though, the play should really be allowed to grow up, and some of these lines really leave the actors hanging, forced to work with ultimately poor dialogue. But if I were to go back with Dean and make a 3rd edition of the show, this is what I would like to take a second look at.

…And I really think it would be devious to hook Bill up with Rachel. Even right now with the show, Bill-Rachel has more chemistry than Rachel-Moe. Interesting….

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