In the Zone

This semester has been busy! I don’t have enough time to combine my schoolwork and a certain play I’m performing in, so I definitely haven’t done any writing. Luckily, some of my work has fused with my classes, and I have adapted Meggan’s Crying Dame script for radio, and we will be performing it for my radio class. Soon I will have the script on the site, and if I get really fancy, I might even have an MP3 of the performance on here. Cool.

Oh, didn’t I do a lot of theatre stuff in the past weeks? Dean has put up a page dedicated to The Genesee Valley production of The Marley Show, and I will add some goodies from the production eventually.

The I Am The Devil reading was a great experience. The other plays of the evening were all short one-acts, so my full-length play felt a little out of place, but it was well received. We read the first two scenes, which established things well, but a few people told me they wanted to know what happens next. Always leave them wanting more, I guess. I have been invited to come back, but I don’t know where I’ll be in the coming weeks. I wish I was close and free enough to join the Planet One group every time they do a reading, but for now I still have to take things a week at a time.

But soon the summer will be here, and hopefully something that resembles free time. I have a few ideas I’d like to work on, and I just need to get “in the zone”. What will I write? Stay tuned…

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