Arts and Crafts

This past Friday was All College Theatre’s Monologue Competition, in which I performed a piece I wrote myself. The monologue is titled “Arts and Crafts” and I’ve decided to put it right here on the site. It didn’t win the competition, though it did get a good-natured response. I think it might work better as an essay than as a monologue, but take a look and decide for yourself. And if anyone out there is interested in using the monologue, as always, contact me for permission.

I have done minor things to the site, updating The Marley Show page, playing lightly with Javascript, and replacing the weak looking button I use so people can view my scripts to something else.

My life has aligned these next few weekends to be filled with theater goodness. Next weekend on March 3rd I will be seeing High Society at my old high school. Then on Thursday, March 8th, I will be attending the previously mentioned cold reading of I Am The Devil at the Planet One Cafe in New York City (The previous date I have listed below got changed). Then the weekend of March 16-18 is the Genesee Valley production of The Marley Show in Belmont, NY. This is going to be hectic, but cool.

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