You’re Doing Super

TCNJ’s paper The Signal printed a review of Reader’s Theatre, which is online here. And probably tomorrow I will scan some pictures and add them to the APO web page.

In other fun news, Dean and I found out that Eastern High School in Louisville, KY performed The Marley Show last spring. They had asked us for permission to perform the show, and we agreed, but communications problems led Dean and I to believe that the show wasn’t going to come off. But apparently it did, and it was a very memorable show for the school. I hope to get more details, but with this performance, the Callicoon production, and the upcoming Genesee Valley production (see below), The Marley Show is developing quite a following. And I couldn’t be happier.

And in more good news, a scene from I Am The Devil will be read at the Planet One Cafe in New York City tonight. I will be stuck in Ewing, but if anyone is in the area I’d love to hear their reactions.

And what will I be doing tonight? I will be rehearsing for All College Theatre’s production of The Lion In Winter. I play the short, pimply brat-prince John (call it typecasting). So come out to the Kendall Hall Black Box April 17-21 and see me!

Whew. So much is going on with existing theatre stuff, I haven’t gotten much writing done (either for my screenplay or my schoolwork). I did rearrange some of the Links page, though. But in the words of Ned Flanders’ inner child, “Stay the course, Ned. You’re doing super!” And I will.

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