Unleash Your Inner Spader


Jeff has awakened to a new understanding of sexual freedom that he now wants to share with his wife Brenda. But Jeff’s revised definition of sex may be too unusual for Brenda to handle, and Brenda just might be making some definitions on her own. Can this kinky marriage be saved?

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Title Unleash Your Inner Spader
By Mike Mariano
Copyright 2004
Cast 1f/2m
Length 15 min.
Type Comedy

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Mike Says:

Unusual marriages? Inanimate object sex? That’s just par for the course with me. This time around I also get to pay tribute to our modern god of love, James Spader. I finished this play in May 2004 but thought it was too similar to Jack, Wanda, and Ben and Couchophilia. But what’s wrong with that? Pass me the honey bear!