The Marley Show

A poster for the DADANESS version of The Marley Show

Artwork from the DADANESS production of The Marley Show


The Marley Show is a full-length comedy about Moe Marley, a man who wants to propose to his girlfriend, but runs into many obstacles. These come in the form of two oddball friends, a German Temptress, a Brooklynese Farmer, and Moe’s dead aunt Edna!

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Title The Marley Show
By Dean Hurley & Mike Mariano
Copyright 1997
Cast 5f/5m
Length 110 min.
Type Comedy

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Play Productions

Brown Cow Company
Piliscsaba, Hungary. May 18, 2005
Rivier Theater Company
Nashua, NH. April 29–April 30, 2005
West Covina Theater Company
West Covina, CA. August 26–September 11, 2004
Tokyo, Japan. November 23–24, 2003
Balmoral Jr. Secondary School
North Vancouver, BC. June 5–7, 2002
Pine Valley Central School
South Dayton, NY. March 15–16, 2002
Genesee Valley Central School
Belmont, NY. March 16–18, 2001
Eastern High School
Louisville, KY. Spring 2000
Delaware Valley Central High School
Callicoon, NY. March 24–25, 2000