The Cloak Of Horus!


An ancient Egyptian captain buries himself alive with his recently-deceased king as part of a bold plan to safeguard the titular prized possession—the signifier of the true king of Egypt! Unbeknownst to him, the queen has also sealed herself inside with suicidal intent. Neither of their plans goes as expected, though, and the tomb’s eventual invader has intentions all his own….

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Title The Cloak Of Horus!
By Mike Mariano
Copyright 2009
Cast 1f/2m, with extras
Length 100 min.
Type Comedy

For performance rights: e-mail me!

Mike Says

This isn’t a very deep play, but it is wonderfully, playfully impossible, with just the right amount of existential angst.

I had fun writing the first draft of this play, which I finished in 2006. I was never satisfied with the first act, though, so the play remained quarantined until I started a revision in 2008. Now I like it!