The Claverings

by Anthony Trollope


Harry Clavering is in love. But is he in love with his fiancée, Florence Burton? Or with his first love, the former Julia Brabazon and the current Lady Ongar (now widowed)? Even Harry isn’t quite sure. The Claverings is a comical nineteenth century view of love, death, and finance and how it relates to the Clavering family.

The text from this version of The Claverings comes from the first three volumes of the American magazine, The Galaxy (1866-1867). This magazine and others can be read in their original form at Cornell University Library’s Making of America online collection.

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I formerly had a chapter-separated copy of The Claverings on this site. However now the most up-to-date version is with Project Gutenberg.

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Public Domain Dedication

This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.