Evening of Shorts 2002

Scene From Couchophilia

From ACT’s Evening of Shorts 2002

Presenting Couchophilia

Production Details

Play Couchophilia
Company All College Theatre
Location Kendall Hall Black Box Theatre, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ
Date November 27–December 1, 2001
Performances 5

Directed by the author.


Tony Ryan Wagner
Molly Elizabeth Livingston
Repairman 1 Curt Foxworth
Repairman 2 Mike Mariano

Production Notes

  • Couchophilia was one of four plays presented at ACT’s Evening of Shorts 2002. It was the first student-written play performed for ACT in recent memory.
  • Curt and I made uncredited cameos as the repairmen.
  • Elizabeth provided large hoop earrings for Molly to lose in the couch. Big and shiny earrings leave no doubt with Tony or the audience.
  • The play opened with Ultra Naté’s “Twisted”. It moved to Isaac Hayes’s “Do Your Thing” for Molly’s tryst. For the repairmen we played an instrumental of Kurtis Blow’s “Christmas Rapping”. (The group Next sampled it for their song “Too Close”.) Our power ballad finale was Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration.”
  • The music contained added sound effects. A record scratch cut off “Twisted,” emphasizing the change in light and sound when Tony gets caught. A toilet flush crossfaded with “Do Your Thing”, signaling Tony’s return.