Rivier Theater Company

Presenting The Marley Show

An illustration of Heidrich the cat.

Heidrich the cat, as illustrated by Kim Martin for The Rivier Theater Company.

Production Details

Play The Marley Show
Company The Rivier Theater Company
Location The Court Street Theater, Nashua, NH
Date April 29–April 30, 2005
Performances 5

Directed by Mark Correira and Nina DeMeo

Produced by Jamie Davidson and Stephanie Crowley-Milano


Moe Marley Steve Chambers
Slim Pickett Mike Pawlowski
Rachel Jen Alger
Bill Mark Correira
Eva Orkanscharkerfickenkraut Joselyne Simonson
Katherine Jackie Garcin
Mel O’Malley Ryan Donovan
Sarah Hayes Nina DeMeo
Del Lacuso Dave Endris
Bartender Kat Bancroft

Production Notes

  • The program lists the play’s location as “Upstate New York.” Considering the play’s past productions that’s a good a location as any.
  • The best Mr. Bobbins death ever! He was a large teddy bear, somewhat beat up. His head was attached with Velcro, and fluff flew from the seam when he was ripped.
  • Intermission took place after Act I, Scene 5.
  • Some really good Slim/Sarah scenes.
  • Bill blows into the Nintendo cartridge to get it to work, similar to what Del did in the Tokyo production.
  • Del’s line in his last scene was amended to “And I’m out of…blinker fluid.” Excellent!
  • I loved Katherine’s pink straw hat!