Pace University Student Directing Festival

Featuring Couchophilia

A woman in lingerie, reclining on a loveseat.

From the Student Directing Festival program page for Couchophilia.

Production Details

Play Couchophilia
Company Pace University’s Student Directing Festival
Location Schaeberle Studio, Pace University, New York, NY
Dates December 11 and 14, 2002
Performances 2

Directed by Sarah Michael Antalek


Tony Josue Diaz
Molly Agnes Fohn
Repairman 1 David Costello
Repairman 2 Ian Fishman

Production Notes

  • The couch for this production was small compared to the previous models, but that just means she was more flexible.
  • This was the only production of Couchophilia that included both added scenes (the repairmen and the blow-up doll). In this production, Tony’s blow-up doll was an inflatable chair with SpongeBob SquarePants on it.
  • Tony was costumed in a shirt and tie, as if he had just gotten home from a long day at the office.
  • The final power ballad? Whitney Houston singing “And I Will Always Love You”.