Northern Virginia Community College

Presenting The Bill Show

Production Details

Play The Bill Show
Company Northern Virginia Community College
Location Woodbridge, VA
Date February 27–28, 2004
Performances 2

Directed by Morgan Harman and Nelson Sayson


Character Actor
Bill Adams Zach Finch
Bonnie Rahl Sharron Walker
Elaine Finch Stacey Murray
Mr. Matsuda Nelson Sayson
Chester Adams Mike Kirby
Donna Fortensky Suzette Zimomra
Johnnie Lynchburg Ghazanfer Ali/Jason Wright
Mystery Woman Cindy O’Ferrel

Production Notes

  • This was the first production of The Bill Show that Dean and I were able to attend.
  • Nelson Sayson wore some impressive body tattoos as Mr. Matsuda, unmistakably mobbing him up.
  • A very good ballroom scene.
  • Mike Kirby was a standout as Chester. He’s way too young for the part, but made up for it mixing in a childlike wonder to Chester’s filthy comments.
  • Ghazanfer Ali’s interpretation of what Johnnie considers “a little Mary” had nothing to do with a mixed drink. His hand gesture will be left to the imagination.
  • Elaine’s “Stressosaurus” was a plush version of “Littlefoot” from The Land Before Time.