KIMEP English Language Theatre

Presenting Jack, Wanda, and Ben and Big Game

Production Details

Plays Jack, Wanda, and Ben and Big Game
Company KIMEP English Language Theatre
Location KIMEP Fun Club, Almaty Kazakhstan
Date December 14–16, 2001
Performances 3

Directed by Nathan Fleming


Tasha, Nurlan, and Asel

Tasha Elena Sakmarova
Nurlan Daniyar Nurmaganbetov
Asel Assol’ Agaidarova
Olga Mariya Boriskina

Big Game

Jill Asel Usenova

Production Notes

  • Jack, Wanda, and Ben and Big Game were performed in English with four other plays.
  • In this adaptation of Jack, Wanda, and Ben the genders were reversed. (“Wanda” became a husband with many wives.) The title was also adapted to Tasha, Nurlan, and Asel.
  • The settings were listed as “An Apartment in Almaty” and “A Disco in Almaty.”