Madame Guignol’s Macabre Theatre

Featuring Muggled

A scene from Muggled

Photo from the Hunger Artists’ production by Deidre Schoo.

Production Details

Play Muggled
Company The Hunger Artists
Location Fullerton, CA
Date October 14–31, 2004
Performances 9


Chris Scott Johnson
Rose Shawnna Wishman
Harry Jeremy Gable

Production Notes

  • Muggled was written for Madame Guignol’s Macabre Theatre. It was performed with other short plays following the theme of Christian hellhouses.
  • This production omitted the Abu Ghraib interlude and focused on the three main actors.


  • Muggled has a housewife (Shawnna Wishman) capturing a young man (Jeremy Gable) she insists is Harry Potter, torturing him because of the ‘friendly face’ the Potter books put on the occult—an idea both ironically funny and genuinely chilling.”—Eric Marchese, Orange County Register
  • Muggled by Mike Mariano hits closest to home, with a typical suburban couple, Chris (Scott Johnson) and Rose (Shawnna Wishman), trying to protect their daughter Megan [sic] from the evil forces of Harry Potter. Jeremy Gable bears an uncanny resemblance to the bespectacled Harry with his Nimbus 2000.”—Anne-Margret Bellavoine, Fullerton News-Tribune