Presenting The Marley Show

A poster for the DADANESS version of The Marley Show

Artwork from the DADANESS production of The Marley Show

Production Details

Play The Marley Show
Location Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo, Japan
Date November 23–24, 2003
Performances 2


Moe Marley Nobutaka Taira
Slim Isayo Kodama
Rachel Urara Tamura
Bill Kentaro Tone
Eva Hiroki Matsukawa
Katherine Kaori Ishihara
Mel Shungo Kameyama
Sarah Mika Katayama
Del/Heidrich Kazuhiro Samejima
Bartender Hanae Hanzawa

Production Notes

  • A very slick, well-done production!
  • The Marley Show was performed in English by Japanese actors for a Japanese audience. The play was translated into Japanese and supertitles were shown on both sides of the stage using two electronic displays. Wow!
  • No attempt is made to localize this play; references to the Civil War, driving on the right side of the road, and other Americanisms are unchanged.
  • Slim was played by a woman, making this the only version of The Marley Show to feature Hot Asian Lesbian Sex.
  • Eva was played by a tall man in drag, making this the only version of The Marley Show to feature Hot Asian Transvestite Sex.
  • Heidrich the cat made an onstage appearance! The actor playing Del also plays Heidrich, wearing a black unitard and cat ears. He slaps Moe and flips him off when Moe tries to pet him. He leers at Moe while Eva seduces him. And when Moe throws his jacket into the back seat, it covers Heidrich’s entire face. Heidrich takes the coat off his head, and his cat ears come off with it! He stops, feels his head, and then begins silently spazzing out, looking for his ears. That’s when Eva comforts him. Before she sits down, she puts his ears back on, but they dangle around his neck. After sitting, as a final gesture, she puts his ears back up on his head. This sequence was one of the funniest things Dean and I have ever seen.
  • While alone, Del picks up a Nintendo cartridge and blows into it! That’s old school!
  • Del wears a poofy black wig—which he rips off to reveal himself to Sarah.