Couch Potato Comedy Festival

Featuring Jack, Wanda, and Ben and Couchophilia

Production Details

Plays Jack, Wanda, and Ben and Couchophilia
Company The Hunger Artists
Location Santa Ana, CA
Date March 8–30, 2002
Performances 12

Directed by Laura Viramontes


Jack, Wanda, and Ben

Jack Ryan Gray
Wanda Jessica Beane
Ben Mark Palkoner


Tony Russ Marchand
Molly Angela Lopez

Production Notes

  • While Couchophilia ended the evening, Viramontes use the actor who played Tony for a wordless opening act, in which he first discovers the joys of couch love.
  • There were no repairmen in this version of Couchophilia.



  • Couchophilia starts with a genuinely funny concept and, in a short space of time, does a lot.” … “Mariano has one more brief skit worthy of the early days of Saturday Night Live, in which a woman (Jessica Beane) keeps running out and finding new husbands…”—Eric Marchese, Orange County Register
  • Couchophilia, again by Mike Mariano, is the perfect closer to the piece, as the center stage white couch is undressed, stripped, and unzipped for some Good Lovin’…”—Paul Burt, Wall Four
  • “Two hours of silliness that’ll beat anything you could do on your own couch. Unless you’re having sex with it, of course.”—Jana J. Monji, OC Weekly