Full-Length Plays

As You Wish
3f/9m (doubling possible), 135 min.
An expanded retelling of Aladdin, featuring two genies and their tragic devotion to beauty.
The Cloak Of Horus!
1f/2m with extras, 100 min.
An ancient Egyptian captain and his suicidal queen, trapped in her husband’s tomb for all eternity!
I Am The Devil
2f/3m, 110 min.
The Prince of Darkness in Psychotherapy, wherein she finds love.
The Bill Show
4f/4m, 110 min.
High-strung Bill Adams attends an unconventional stress seminar.
The Marley Show
5f/5m, 110 min.
Moe Marley attempts to propose to his girlfriend at his aunt’s wake. But it’s not that easy.

Short Plays

Menage a Sartre
2f/2m, 45 min.
A neverending orgy of the damned—for existentialists!
It Takes A Nation Of Norwegians To Hold Us Back!
2f/1m, 30 min.
An Enemy of the People’s Doctor Stockmann continues his fight—and finds romance.
Jack, Wanda, and Ben
1f/3m, 20 min.
Jack returns home following a forty-five minute trip to find his wife has remarried. Wanda’s unique grasp of space-time causes marital problems all around.
1f/3m, 10 min.
The classic love triangle between man, woman, and couch, explicitly rendered.
Wish Fulfillment
1f/3m, 25 min.
The story of a boy, his mother, and her magical, racist genie.
Philosopher Kings
1f/2m, 20 min.
A day on the job in Plato’s Cave.
Unleash Your Inner Spader
1f/2m, 15 min.
The films of James Spader inspire Jeff to spice up his love life. But his wife may already be way ahead of him.


Members Only
3m, 15 min.
Two men talk about, and to, their penises.
2f/4m (or 1f/2m), 10 min.
Parents Chris and Rose protect their daughter from Harry Potter in the new American fashion—by torturing him.
Zenyatta Piñata
2f/1m, 10 min.
Is it spousal abuse if she’s filled with candy?
1m (voice only)/2 Either, 10 min.
Blues legend B.B. King and his guitar Lucille begin an argument that ends in unexpected tragedy.
Urban Myth
1f/2m, 15 min.
Prometheus, the defiant Greek Titan, becomes an unwilling part of an organ smuggling ring. But is a liver lost worth true love?
Big Game
1f, 10m
You’d think a plush pink elephant would be an easy conquest in the bar scene, but Jill finds out how tough some men can be.
Two Men About to be Killed by a Comic Book Supervillain
2m/1 Either, 10 min.
Hector and Julius, two security guards at a scientific institution, discuss genius, poetry, and men in their underwear. Their conversation is cut short by an unpleasant interruption—their deaths.
Over The Fence
2f/2m, 30 min.
Better fences make nosy neighbors as Betty spends summer break with her sister Linda. How far will she go in order to understand their neighbor to the rear?
Green Cheese
2f/5m with extras, 30 min.
The 1960s Space Race, as told by the Marx Brothers. This was a fun exercise, but I’m not sure it’s performable.
The Marley Show
3f/4m, 45 min.
This one-act version of The Marley Show isn’t necessary and isn’t on the site anymore, but it does exist.