Other Work

Stage and Screen Directing

Sometimes I also direct!


I have written two monologues for myself, and have used them both at All College Theatre’s Monologue Competition. I don’t want to include them on the main page with my other work because I’m really not a monologue writer; if you want an audition piece or something important, get something that might win a competition. These are included purely for curiosity. Take a look.


I hold a long-expired license to DJ at WTSR in Trenton, 91.3 on your radio dial. I am also a TV/Radio graduate of TCNJ. My student and alumni work includes the following.


I have one short film to my credit:

  • In the Dark — My Senior Practicum film, shot in pitch-blackness.


  • The Claverings — An 1866 comic novel by Anthony Trollope about the many loves of Harry Clavering.