Never Trust A Crying Dame

As many of you know, in addition to being a world class playwright, I am also a graduate of the Communications Department at The College of New Jersey. During my Spring 2001 semester, I had the opportunity to combine the work I did in Radio class with an acting project from years ago, and I am quite pleased with the results.

Our final project for Radio II was a radio theatre production. Working with Craig Trogani, Jeff Lazovick and Kelly Johnson, we needed to come up with something that would emulate the radio shows of past decades, and I immediately thought of my friend Meggan Horowitz’s script, The Crying Dame.

Those of you who follow the site know I have been trying to do something with Meggan’s character Murray Rosen for years now, and this was yet another opportunity. I thought Meggan’s script would make excellent subject material. My group agreed, so I set out to adapt her script for radio.

I changed the script a little bit, hitting the audience over the head with important points, and taking out the mute character of Joe. Because, honestly, what can a mute character do in radio? Yet the rest of Meggan’s work stayed intact, and my classmates complimented me on the very witty script. I more than willingly accepted the praise which should be going to Meggan.

After finishing the script, I was lucky enough to con some of my ACT cronies into acting in our skit. For some of them, it was their first time in front of a studio microphone, and it was fun to see them adapt their talents. They recorded their takes separately, and it took a few weeks of work to put the conversations back together and add the appropriate sound effects.

We finished production on the project on Sunday night, April 29, 2001. The script was 15 pages, but the program lasts for 20 minutes; I was surprised. Below is our cast, and below that are some files. If you’re interested in the MP3 let me know. Enjoy!


Narrator Craig Trogani
Murray Rosen Mike Mariano
Bob Winkelman Jason Butkowski
Maxine John Elliott
Tom Matt Weeks
Natalie Elizabeth Livingston
Lindy Jackie Wasneski
Bianca Nicole Sauter
Stella Kelly Johnson
Roberta Jen Puma