A scene from Muggled

Photo from the Hunger Artists’ production by Deidre Schoo.


In an evil world, parents Chris and Rose know only they can protect their daughter from Satan’s influences. But when Rose encounters the world’s most popular teenage wizard, does she go too far? Welcome to the American family of the Guantánamo Age.

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Title Muggled
By Mike Mariano
Copyright 2004
Cast 2f/4m (or 1f/2m)
Length 10 min.
Type Dark Comedy

For performance rights: e-mail me!

Mike Says:

Muggled was written for my good friends The Hunger Artists for their 2004 Halloween production of Madame Guignol’s Macabre Theatre. Their goal was to create a Christian “Hellhouse”, so I added Harry Potter to their gallery of abortionists, fornicators, and other damned souls.

I wrote an Abu Ghraib-eseque digression that was not performed, but it is featured in the script. It definitely takes a lot of humor out of the play, but that might be a good thing.

But after the Hellhouse performance, is Muggled past its sell-by date? Who knows?

Play Productions

The Hunger Artists’ Madame Guignol’s Macabre Theatre
Fullerton, CA. October 14–31, 2004