Jack, Wanda, and Ben

Scene from Jack, Wanda, and Ben

Westminster Players’ Production


Jack, upon returning home, finds that his wife has remarried. The thing is, Jack was only gone for 45 minutes. Can Jack regain the love and trust of his increasingly confused wife? Can Ben maintain his position as top dog in Wanda’s rapidly changing worldview? And can one ice scraper save a marriage?

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Title Jack, Wanda, and Ben
By Mike Mariano
Copyright 1999, 2005
Cast 1f/3m
Length 20 min.
Type Comedy

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Mike Says

Jack, Wanda, and Ben has been an audience favorite on the East Coast, West Coast, in between, and beyond. Originally written in 1999 (as a very short seven-minute play) I expanded on the play in March 2005.

Play Productions

Deep Creek High School
Chesapeake, VA. June 3, 2005
The Hunger Artists’ Couch Potato Comedy Festival
Santa Ana, CA. March 8–30, 2002
KIMEP English Language Theatre
Almaty, Kazakhstan. December 14–16, 2001
StageRight Productions’ Squeaky Clean Comedy
New York, NY. October 27–November 17, 2001

Westminster Players’ Actors Aid America
Princeton, NJ. September 22–23, 2001