Everyone Must Eurodance


As a student at The College of New Jersey, Mike Mariano introduced the greater Mercer County community to the sounds of contemporary and forgotten electronic dance and pop from Europe and beyond. After nearly two years in hibernation, Mike has returned to bring the music back weekly right here on Everyone Must Eurodance!

Questions and Answers

What do you mean by “Eurodance”? What type of music is that?
I have a fast and loose definition of “Eurodance” as played on my show. In fact, most of the music I play on the show is made in the USA. Everyone Must Eurodance has a blend of dance pop with emphasis on the pop. No cover song is too cheesy, no disco throwback is too moldy, and no Vengaboys song is too overstated for this show. If the music is fun and you can dance to it, then it can go on the air.
What’s up with the final two songs each evening?
At the end of the night, I like to wind things down. The penultimate song I play may not be dance music, but it hopefully shows the song in a new light (sometimes it’s the original of a cover song I played prior in the evening). And the final song each evening is Donna Summer’s “Last Dance”. Apparently some radio stations have “Back-in-the-Day Dance Parties” that use this song to end their broadcasts as well. Is “Last Dance” too corny? You’re talking to a guy who plays Scooter at least once a month.
What was the old Eurodance show?
The previous incarnation of Everyone Must Eurodance ran from September 2000 to December 2001 while I was a student. Shows were Tuesday nights from nine to midnight (then 8:00–10:00pm starting in September 2001). It was WTSR’s first new dance music show in a few years.
Wasn’t this show on a different night?
Everyone Must Eurodance aired Fridays from November 2003 to September 2004, but then WTSR began regular weekend broadcasts of Trenton Titans hockey. Everyone Must Eurodance was moved to Wednesday nights for the fall 2004 semester, and in January 2005, the show moved to Thursday nights.
When are the playlists updated?
I usually have the playlist for the show typed up by the following Monday.
What other electronic music shows does WTSR have?
Plenty! If you like electronic alternative, listen to Transmission Control on Tuesdays 6:00–9:00pm. For straight-up house music, you want to listen to Ms. Sue Saturday nights 9:00pm–midnight.
How do I make a request?
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