Everyone Must Eurodance

Welcome to the site for Everyone Must Eurodance, The College of New Jersey’s home for dance, disco, Europop, and house music (with a healthy dose of trance, tribal, and even top 40 hits thrown into the mix).

Everyone Must Eurodance, now on possibly permanent hiatus, aired weekly on 91.3 FM from 6:00–9:00pm and was hosted by veteran WTSR DJ Mike Mariano. For more information about Mike and the music, visit the About page.

We keep a playlist for all past Everyone Must Eurodance airings, along with show highlights. You can see them on the Shows page.

Want to call Mike on the air and make a request? Want to e-mail him? Want to send adoring fan mail? You can do it all through the Contact page.

And we have a short—yet essential—list of links that you won’t want to be without.

There’s one thing this site can’t do: give you the music. You’ll have to tune in for yourself to hear it.

Start your weekend dancing. This is not a request: Everyone Must Eurodance.